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Shaun Preece

04 August 2017

Aaron Ramsey Thanks Watches Of Wales

Anyone who follows football will know of Aaron Ramsay, one the top players for Arsenal Football Club and Wales National team. He’s had a lot of success over the past decade nearly and has become quite the household name. Now, Aaron is more than just a professional football player, but he is also a keen watch enthusiast which undoubtedly led him to the team at Watches of Wales, based in the Morgan Arcade in Cardiff.

That’s actually not such a surprise, Aaron himself is from the Welsh valleys calling Caerphilly his home town. Aaron has always been mad about football, as indeed a lot of young people are these days. As a schoolboy he played football for Cardiff City Football Club, nicknamed the Bluebirds, on their junior team. Interestingly he also became the club’s youngest player for the senior team and made over twenty appearances for them including at the 2008 final of the FA Cup, after which he moved to Arsenal in the same year.

Unfortunately not too long into his career there he was forced to take a year off after suffering an injury in the form of a broken leg whilst playing against Stoke City, but he was back on form for the 2011-2012 football season. Whether you are a devout football fan, a Gunner incarnate or just someone who likes to sit and watch the sports on a sunny afternoon you will be familiar with Arsenal’s performances in 2013-2014 season where Ramsay scored 16 goals over the season including, rather impressively, the winning goal in their final against Hull City, as well as performing well over the following season and even scoring yet another FA Cup winning goal in the 2017 season.

Aaron also plays for the Welsh national team too, joining them in 2008. He was a key part of their playing in the UEFA European Championship of 2016 and was subsequently a part of the Team of the Tournament title. Aaron has even represented Team GB in the Olympics, playing football for them in 2012, although the team came nowhere near the medal podium.

As mentioned, Aaron is a keen watch enthusiast and has used the services of Watches of Wales on many occasions in the past. He says Watches of Wales are “Top guys and a great company, the best in Wales for quality jewellery”, high praise indeed. But it seemed this praise wasn’t enough for Aaron, as he was also kind enough to send one of his own shirts to the team, which he has personally signed himself. This shirt will be hung up on the wall in the store for all visiting guests and clientele to see and appreciate, and also as a marker of Watches of Wales’ commitment to the best watches and the best customer service. We certainly hope Mr Ramsay will return for another visit in the future.

Watches of Wales wishes to thank Aaron for his generosity and for his loyalty as a customer, and is one of the many VIP Clients that the company interacts with.